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10+ years of Sweetums and Sweetpea

It’s hard to believe, but back in 2003, a little boy met a little girl in a little town and they fell in love.

After seven years of military life, almost four years of medical school, moves to six states, and a little Pookie, all while Amy continued to sing her heart out and spread the good word of healthy and versatile vocal technique, we have arrived at 2015.

Phew, is right!

So here’s a little look down memory lane this week. We’ve had a crazy, amazing, wild ride so far!! (P.S. It was really hard finding old pictures! They have disappeared into the cyber abyss!)

The College Year

Yep, that’s right. We actually have NO pictures from when we were in college!!! Can you believe it? I blame it on technology.

The Long-Distance Year

long distance

rob and amy ocs graduation

While Rob attended Officer Candidate School (OCS) for The US Navy, I finished my degree and then moved to Washington, DC to intern at The Kennedy Center.  During OCS, we were not able to see each other and the only allowed method of communication was hand-written letters and an occasional phone call with spotty reception. Our relationship was still new, but this experience brought us very close together. Once Rob graduated, he was sent off to start the submarine training circuit which started in Charleston, SC.

The Proposal

Our proposal

Las Cruces, NM May 2005. After Rob moved to Charleston, he asked me to join him there. I was very apprehensive about this decision, since I had a good thing going in DC, and I wasn’t sure how serious this thing was that we had. Let me rephrase, I was very serious about it, but Rob was being a bit hard to read! I made the leap to move to Charleston, and a week later (seriously) we took a trip to New Mexico for a friend’s wedding and he proposed! I was shocked and so very, very happy!

The Legal “I do’s” (The Charleston Months)

Charleston wedding collage

On the swampy banks of Charleston, SC, September 3, 2005 we got married! We were babies!!! We got legally married first, before waiting for a wedding, since his schedule was so uncertain and changed often. We didn’t know if we would even be able to have a wedding! Being married right away also allowed me to be able to get on the military bases and get military benefits such as health care.

The New York Months

Surviving the winter...2004-2005

We spent the Winter of 2005-2006 in upstate New York, surviving our first serious winter. We had a blast! We did a lot of travel, Amy performed in shows, we met some great friends, and we planned our actual wedding. We were really happy in NY, but once we found out where we were going next, we were okay with leaving!! 😉

The Wedding Celebration

Wedding Collage

Las Cruces, NM July 29, 2006. We were finally able to have a celebration of our wedding with all our friends and family. It was an amazing time! It randomly rained, but they say that’s good luck! 😉

The Hawaii Years


We spent 2006-2009 in beautiful Hawai’i. We joke that Rob got to visit Hawai’i while I was able to actually live there. This was his first submarine duty station (The USS Pasadena) and he was at sea most of the time. He would be out for weeks at a time and home for just a week or so before heading out again. He was deployed for six months toward the end of our time there.

I kept myself busy in graduate school, singing and teaching, and also spent lots of time of with friends exploring the islands. When Rob was home, we tried our best to take advantage of the stunning and magical place we were able to call home for a few short years.

Hawai’i was a difficult transition at first, but we grew to love it, and grew very strong as a couple with everything we experienced living there and living the submarine/grad school life. I’ll admit that when we received word we were being sent to Virginia, I cried and they basically had to pull me away from the island kicking and screaming!! 🙂

The Virginia Years

A time of travel to visit family and friends, wrapping up Navy life, and heading out for a new adventure - The Midwest and Medical School.

We lived in Norfolk, Virginia from 2009-2012. We were very sad about Norfolk at first. It had a terrible reputation in the military and it was not Hawai’i. But, when we arrived, we absolutely loved it. We found an incredible community of friends that we still see to this day and we were able to see a lot of my extended family that lives in Virginia. It’s now one of our favorite places that we’ve lived and we would have no problem ever moving back! It was a great time of travel to visit family and friends (in the US and abroad), wrapping up Navy life, and heading out for a new adventure – The Midwest and Medical School. But first…



The Columbus Years



Love us some Melting Pot!!

I started this blog about three years into our time in Columbus. It has been a place of great growth for both of us. Medical School has been much more challenging then we expected, as well as parenthood and just growing into the next phase of our lives. We’ve found lifelong friends that have changed our lives forever. We love the city, love what it has given us, and love the people we’ve met!

We are looking forward to what the next 10 years will bring us! Thanks for joining us for the ride! xoxoxo.


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  • Jacqueline Lampert September 16, 2015, 2:09 pm

    I am more than a little annoyed at your total LACK of AGING. Congrats on 10 years!!

    • Amy Rakowczyk September 20, 2015, 8:02 pm

      HAHAHA!!! I think it’s an illusion. But, I’ve also be saving a lot of my aging for parenthood. 🙂

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