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4ams are now 5ams and that’s ok


Friends have been asking: “Are you still doing the early wakeups?”

My response is, “Well…not really.”

The more intentional I get about my time and goals, the more I’m understanding that what ends up at the top of my priority list is ever changing.

What I needed when I started the 4am wakeups is different than what I needed this summer, and at the start of the new school year, and what I need now.

Those 4ams served me well for several months. Pookie was waking at 6:00 or 6:30am, so I needed as much time as possible for myself before she woke up. I was coming out of a phase of feeling like I hadn’t done as much for myself and my online business as I was hoping and I was looking for new opportunities to find the time.

During the 4ams, I was able to start meditating again, start exercising again, get my personal website and blog going (you’re reading it!!), and launch my first e-course. It was hugely productive and I’m so happy I did it.

Come summertime, routines and schedules changed and we took some vacations. I started to feel a combination of yearning for more sleep, and also losing motivation to work on my online business (a post for another time).

Working toward your best life is hard when things are constantly changing and you have so many responsibilities.

Come August, I decided to try again with 4am. It lasted about a week. It didn’t feel right anymore. It wasn’t what I needed. So, I changed focus. What did I need?

I needed 8 hours of sleep. I needed to meditate and exercise as often as possible. By September, I started going to bed around 9:00/9:30pm and waking up at 5am. Due to Rob’s much more flexible 4th-year schedule, I have been able to attend 6:00am yoga twice a week.

It has been glorious.

I feel so good right now. My mind feels clear. My body feels strong. I’m regaining some flexibility in my body and in my actions in daily life.

Life feels spacious.

It’s also been nice that Pookie has been waking up around 7:30am most days, which gives me a lot more time in the mornings than I had previously.

As the world works though, nothing remains the same and changes are already happening.

We had that “daylight savings time” thing over the weekend (*face palm*) that’s forcing change. How is that still a thing? I don’t think any mother enjoys it. And now Pookie is back to waking up at 6:00/6:30am. Brilliant.

Also, Rob is now on the interview trail, which means he’s not here in the mornings to be with Pookie so I can go to yoga. Sigh.

Welp, what can you do? I can be sad (which I did in the form of lip pouting and sad faces for little bit), but then I have to get creative and be flexible. The life lessons never cease!!

Perhaps I’ll want to start the 4am wakeups again. Perhaps I’ll do some schedule re-arranging to make it to another yoga class. There are options.

So going forward, here are my revised goals for November:

  1. Get as close to 8 hours of sleep each night as possible.
  2. Sit in silence once a day (a more gentle approach to defined meditation practice)
  3. Find two times a week to attend yoga class.
  4. Continue upping veggies and limiting carbs/sugar (Cheat Day is on the shelf for the time being).
  5. Focus on Pookie on my days off. Be with her and fully present. Leave work for my scheduled work times.

Thanks for your support and I’ll keep you updated! xoxoxo

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  • Johanna November 5, 2015, 1:48 pm

    So glad you are taking time to rest and reflect on changing needs. My needs change all the time, and one healthy or productive approach can easily distract me from meeting other needs. Meditation and some introspection time are good mediators. 🙂

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