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A Birthday Month!

The coolest thing about all the craziness of our lives right now is that Pookie was able to get 3 birthday celebrations. Pretty sweet.

We knew that Rob was going to be gone for Pookie’s actual birthday, so we had a little impromtu gathering with some of Pookie’s play buddies. We had a breakfast brunch followed by play and ice cream at Graeter’s. They have an awesome play area, so it was perfect!

Anya 2nd bday party

On Pookie’s actual birthday, Pookie and I met our good friends Kevin and Rashmi for another birthday brunch at Whole Foods, which was perfect for a two year old. She lasted the predictable 15-20 minutes sitting down eating, and then had to move. We roamed around the grocery store, which was surprisingly very fun for a little kid when you’re not actually trying to get groceries.

Anya actual birthday

We also discovered that Whole Foods (Upper Arlington) has a mini desserts section and a cookie bar. You heard me right. A cookie bar. Rashmi and I are determined to go there again for that sole purpose. Mini-cakes and cookies.

Once we arrived in New Mexico to start of our holiday fun, we had a little celebration at my mom’s house for Pookie and my sister, whose birthdays are back to back.

Hollie and Pookie Bday

We’re having a blast in NM, doing the rounds, doing some interviews, and spending some quality time with our families. Also, for probably the first time in my life, I have all Christmas shopping completed! Go me!

Now we get to focus on hanging out, maybe watching some movies, and enjoying some yummy New Mexican brews. Good times, folks. Good times. 🙂

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