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A little bit of letting go

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Welp – our crazy 3-week holiday vacation is over and we’re back home! Thankfully we have this week to do some organizing, cleaning, and preparing before we all go back to our work-school things next week.

This trip was awesome. We saw a lot of family, some long-time friends, and Pookie handled it all like a pro. She ate, she slept, and had a blast. I’m one thankful momma.

It was weird – a good weird – to be around so much family.

We’re used to being on our own. When I’m with Pookie, she does a lot of independent play at our house, but I never realized how much I felt pulled to have her in my sights at all times, or at least know roughly her whereabouts in the house and what she’s doing.

But with visiting our large families there were aunties, uncles, cousins, and grandparents everywhere. Pookie clung to me like like a dryer sheet the first week (which got really taxing for me – yep, had a few “I feel so guilty that I want to be away from my baby” breakdowns in the car) but Pookie slowly started to get comfortable. We both started to get comfortable.

Comfortable not being in each other’s sight all the time when we know each other are around.

The first couple of times Pookie was swept away by her cousins and taken to some other room in the house, I would stop, feel some dread, “Oh no – where is Pookie?” and then I would find her playing a game in the other room.

Silly me. I’m being paranoid. But why?

Well, it’s most likely because she’s our first and only kid so far. I’ve heard that once you start adding more kiddos to the mix, you get really comfortable with not knowing where your children are. 🙂

Also, I think society and the media have pumped my brain full of “what ifs” and all the horrible things that can happen to children. Parents are considered responsible for their kid’s behavior or any bad things that happen to them while they’re on your watch. It’s like they’re trying to make us so cautionary that there will be no accidents anymore.

That makes it really hard to let go a bit and give our kids the freedom they need. And we need!

“No accidents” are not possible. Things happen.

Our family showed me that of course precautions must always be taken, but I can release a bit and trust that Pookie is ok.

It was good for both of us to have a bit of space. I saw how she grew during this vacation, from being concerned and apprehensive to starting to relax. I’m sure everyone could say the same about me. 🙂

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