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Thanks for stopping by to see me and read my musings!

I’ve started this new blog (circa March 2015) to follow an instinct to find my personal voice online. My first blog was titled “Sweetums and Sweetpea” and was basically a travel journal for my hubby and I’s gap year from 2011-2012. We went to Amsterdam, India, Guatemala, Peru, and traveled all over the United States.

That was a great first blogging experience, but once our whirlwind, super adventurous year came to a close, and we settled down in a new city for my husband to start medical school, I got caught in the daily grind and lost my inspiration for the blog.

I think it came down to the fact that it was our site, and I needed something that was solely my voice. My own space, where I could post whatever I felt inspired to write or share.

This is now that space!

In 2013, the Sweetums and Sweetpea team added a new addition, ‘lil Sweets, aka Pookie. It was a long five year journey to bring her into this world (read about that here). She is wanted and loved beyond words, and we marvel at her like all parents do. Everyday, I am grateful and I am challenged. She’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. 🙂

In my work life, I strive to do things that don’t feel like work. I try my best to follow my passions and my gut as I wander along.

My path has brought me to music, time and time again. Even when I tried to “quit it,” it has always come back. During our gap year, I had a profound experience in India that re-invigorated my commitment to singing and guiding people to sing (future post…). I then established a teaching studio based out of my home, and served on faculty at Capital University as their Contemporary Voice Instructor. I also found opportunities here and there to perform myself.

My husband has now completed medical school and matched in a residency program in Galveston, TX. We have a second little lady on the way (due in November 2016) and I’ve decided for the time being to focus on homelife and not work.

I’ve also felt a strong sense of closure with teaching voice, so I plan to put that aside until it calls to me again. I am now following a pull to write more and am excited to see what possibilities and opportunities await me in that arena.

So in this space, I’m inviting you to join me as I explore, seek, learn, grow, and evolve toward the most harmonious balance possible: life–biz–family–friends–fun–faith.

Thanks for being here!