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Adopting Traditions


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We did some Easter celebrating this past weekend, and now that we have Pookie, these holidays have new significance for us. We actually want to do things now!

We found this really cool city egg hunt at a park near us, so we trekked over there for Pookie’s first experience hunting eggs. Here’s some important rules we learned from our first egg-hunt rodeo:

1. Check the weather.

We didn’t check the weather.

Friday was so nice with temps in the high 50’s. We stepped out of our house Saturday morning and things seemed a bit chilly, so we grabbed our jackets thinking that it would warm up quickly. Nope. Totally didn’t. We were freezing our tushies off out there!! Other kids were in their winter gear – coats, hats, gloves, scarves – hm…

When we got back in the car with frozen hands and ears, the car thermometer said 35 degrees – at 11:30am. Parenting fail. No matter how nice one day is, check the weather the next!

IMG_22332. Kids need Easter baskets to collect their eggs.

You would think that this seems totally obvious but…

We’re driving to the park, all proud of ourselves for getting the three of us out the door in a timely manner and that we’ll actually have time to park and find Pookie’s hunting group before the 10am sound-off.

Once we get close to the park, I see all these adorable kiddos walking around and what are they carrying?? Easter baskets! Oh crap. Right, Easter baskets. High-tail it back to the house!


3. Kids under 2 don’t care about candy and gifts. They care about gross and fine motor skills.

Pookie thought it was the coolest to pick up stuff and place it in her basket. The coolest. Come Sunday morning, we threw empty eggs all over the yard for her to collect. She happily obliged, collecting them and waiting for us to empty the basket and re-distribute. We did this about 20 times. We finally had to pull the plug in order to call it a day. I think she would have gone until she passed out.

IMG_22394. It’s all about community

The best parts of the holiday were joining our community at the park, actually making it to church, and having our own little egg hunt in our yard – which enticed the neighborhood kids to come over, which caused the adults to start talking to each other. Voila! friendships are made. 🙂

All-in-all, it was a great “first” Easter for us, lots of fun and getting out of our little house cave. Lessons were learned, friends were made. And we got to end the weekend with 60 degree weather! Woot-woot!

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  • nancy April 7, 2015, 6:47 am

    Picking up the eggs is the most fun, she’s already on to the secret. Doing things with your little one is great. It makes the world new all over again. Love all the pictures.

    • Amy Rakowczyk April 9, 2015, 8:04 pm

      Thanks, Nancy! Pookie is at such a fun age right now. She keeps us laughing all day!

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