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And again, more change!


I feel a change in the wind.

I feel it coming with waiting to hear about Rob’s residency and knowing that the next 3+ years of our lives will be decided on March 18th! Less than two weeks away!!

I feel a change in myself and in my work: what I’m needing, what I feel I need to give, and what direction to go.

With our family, it feels like a slow gust of wind is edging us along and is slowly gaining speed. Eventually, it will sweep us up and carry us off to the next stage.


The last couple of weeks, I’ve started looking for clarity again with my work. I feel like I have space to dream. What do I want to create? What do I want to put out into the world?

If I look ten years into the future, what does it look like? What do I want to have built?

What will I have built in five years? In one year?


I spoke to a good friend a few days ago and she mentioned she’s been doing an “Intentions Journal,” which is basically writing down or recording what you want to see happen, but worded in a way that evokes the feeling of it already unfolding.

It’s kind of a version of “positive thinking” but more that you’re gaining clarity on what you want to happen in your life and discovering the steps to get there.

Once you’ve named your intentions, you can review them often to continue stating your desires and putting them out into the universe.

I love this so much. I had heard of this technique in the past being used by some very successful people, so I thought, “Hey, I’ll give it a try!”

When looking to start an "intentions journal," I remembered that a friend gave me this beautiful journal. It displays the Hindu God, Ganesha, who is considered to be the remover of obstacles.

When looking to start an “intentions journal,” I remembered that a friend gave me this beautiful journal a couple years ago and it has rested on my bookshelf. It displays the Hindu God, Ganesha, who is considered to be the remover of obstacles. Very timely to rediscover this gift!

After my first journaling session, I gained this clarity:

For the last four years, I’ve struggled to figure out the online side of my business. When I first started my business, it was focused on building a local voice studio and offering online Skype lessons.

And I had all these dreams for it beyond that.

I wanted to create hundreds of videos and tracks teaching vocal technique and vocal warmups. I wanted to create a singing e-course. I wanted to offer interviews with professionals currently having careers in singing, and to offer advice and information to those not quite there yet. The big goal was to have a subscription site where my site would be a go to for finding singing resources, training, career advice, and community.


I was easily overwhelmed with the whole online thing. It was definitely something I could figure out, but it was much harder and much more time consuming than I had imagined. I quickly became overwhelmed with information. I found all sorts of online business owners and they all had different advice to give.

I realized I was going to have to invest a lot of time before seeing any income from this, so I ended up deciding to focus on the local lessons. Essentially, I got scared.


Building my local voice studio has been amazing, and I love it, but an itch is still there. I feel an invisible force pushing me to be brave, name what I want, and claim it.

Have courage, work through the fear.

Right before I talked to my friend about the “intentions journal,” I was reviewing some business training and stumbled upon an idea that provided instant clarity for me. It was this simple business idea:

What am I super pumped about promoting?

Business success comes from letting people know what you’re up to and making it super easy for them to work with you. You’ll only feel like telling everyone about something you’re super excited about.

This was HUGELY eye-opening for me. When I asked this question, some answers arose that I didn’t expect. Here’s what I discovered:


I absolutely love writing this blog and plan to continue it long-term. I want to grow and expand its reach, and what I offer on the blog.


I still love teaching singing, but what I really love, is the business side of it.

How can a recent music school graduate or someone that dreams of a career as a professional singer actually achieve that? It’s far beyond great technique and the ability to entertain a crowd. You have to learn to market (yes – promote) yourself and what you offer. You have to learn how to network and find jobs. You have to learn how to diversify your skill set so you can say “Yes!” to more opportunities and have more streams of income.

Sharing this knowledge seriously pumps me up. I’d be happy to teach you how to sing more than one style. I’d be even happier to tell you why it matters.


I’ve been a pretty spiritual person my whole life. I’m very curious to learn about various faiths, what different cultures believe, and see what resonates with me. I feel very thankful that I’ve been exposed to many different faith traditions in my life so far.

During times of reflective meditation, and when I sit in silence and listen to any guidance from the universe, I always feel called to do more with spirituality. This aspect is still taking shape, but I acknowledge its presence and importance.


So there you have it! That’s what I’ve been up to these days besides waiting for Match and doing the whole “mom” thing. 🙂

I have a lot of dreams, and it’s a lot to process and gain clarity on, but I don’t seem to work any other way! I’m moving forward with the following reminders (basically, reminding myself to take my own advice):

From me to you – YES, WE CAN DO THIS.

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