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Another Solo Evening

mockingjay and wine for one

So I’m writing this on Wednesday night, and Rob’s been gone on the interview trail for four days.

Tonight is the second time this week that Pookie and I have had “breakfast for dinner” which means scrambled eggs, bacon, tortillas, and sautéed spinach. I haven’t made it to the store. Supplies are low.

I comfort myself knowing that there is a bit of green in there. And we eats it.

After I get Pookie to bed, I collaspe exhausted on the couch trying to rally a bit of energy to end the day with a bang. No day but today! Let no moment go to waste!!

But I’m so tired. And I want ice cream.

These Rob-less evenings are part sad and part awesome.

First, the sad.

I miss him. Life sucks without the one you love.

I’m tired. Working, plus running the household, plus being on full-time Pookie duty? It’s tough.

Plus, invariably, Pookie always gets sick when Rob’s out-of-town and I get to fend for myself. She’s a mess and doesn’t sleep well, which causes me to be a mess and not sleep well.

In the last four weeks, little Pook-star has been plagued with both croup and hand, foot, and mouth (yes, it’s a real thing – and not the livestock one).

Thanks daycare.

But, second, the awesome-ness.

Solo evenings mean I can do whatever the heck I want!

I don’t have to worry about additional messes after Pookie goes to bed, there’s no one needing me for anything, and no possible judgements on what I’m spending my time doing.

I’m FREE!!! I can do whatever I want!!

Without leaving the house of course. Pookie’s sleeping.

And nothing too loud. Don’t want to wake her.

And nothing that lasts past 9:00pm, because I have to work tomorrow. And did I mention yet that I’m “le tired”? (If you didn’t get that reference, watch this. You’re welcome.)

But beyond that…I’m FREE!

My introverted self is having a dance party. How shall I spend this evening all to myself? So many possibilities!! I could workout or meditate or read or work on my business, or, or…

Well, after all that excitement, it usually comes down to either cleaning, working or watching movies.

Cleaning? Meh.

Work? I love work. Honestly I’m a workaholic. But you have to stop at some point.

Movies? In case you didn’t know, I love movies.

And you know what movie is coming out this weekend????

Eeeeeeee!!! It’s Mockingjay Part 2!! AAHHHHH!!!!!

Yeah, I’m excited.

I’ve decided to spend my evenings this week blogging and watching all the Hunger Games movies so far. Possibly on repeat.

I’ve had a babysitter arranged for Pookie since October for Mockingjay opening weekend so Rob and I can see the movie together right away. He gets home just in time, thank goodness, because this is serious business.

Rob can miss dinner plans. He can forget to take out the trash. He can even forget my birthday, but he won’t, he WON’T miss Hunger Games. I’d kill him.


Missing these sort of things happens all the time (it was the life when Rob was in the military and now it’s the life in med school). If he does cancel Mockingjay, I’ll probably sigh loudly, grab some Ben and Jerry’s and sit in silence for 20 minutes. Then I’d go see it without him.

I can be reasonable.

Here’s counting down the hours until Rob comes home and we get to see Mockingjay!! It’s gonna be a good weekend. 🙂

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