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Beginning Again



As you all know, we made it to our new city, Galveston, last week. Since then, we’ve been living in the usual mess and chaos of moving into a new home. It’s been about four days and we still have boxes everywhere!! In my mind, I thought somehow we’d have everything ready to go before Rob started work. Wishful thinking!! I even thought I could post pics on the blog today of our new place. Yeah…not happening. I’ll shoot for next week! 🙂

My mom and sister were here the whole week to help out, and I am so grateful for that!! They helped me make the final decision on which apartment to move into; they took Pookie to the pool and beach so we could move things in and take care of random business items; and most of all they were very welcome company during this transition. They kept me sane and picked up the slack when I needed to rest or didn’t feel well.

Pookie and Auntie!!

Pookie and Auntie!!

Unfortunately, the nausea and fatigue from the first trimester has returned and I just don’t feel up to much most days. I feel lazy, tired, and unproductive BUT I really look forward to those moments when I get a big gust of energy and can get a lot done in a short amount of time. Little by little, I guess!

My mom and sister left yesterday, which makes my heart ache. I wish I could see them all the time, but at least we are much closer now – only a 2 hour flight away! But until they come again, I’ve got to pull my act together and get shiz done!

Today is the big day for Rob – his first day of residency!! It’s going to start out pretty light with an orientation for a couple of weeks before starting into rotations. We selected a schedule that will give him all the more demanding rotations first, so when the baby arrives, he’ll have a few easier months that follow. It’s going to be a rough start once it begins, but I’ll just have to keep reminding myself that it will be better to have him around come December, than be here for the second half of my pregnancy!

So in a nutshell: we are still settling in, we’re starting to establish a new routine, and we’re getting outside as much as possible to enjoy the beach and sun. It gets pretty hot and humid during the day, but the mornings and evenings are glorious!

Before I close, I just wanted to send out many hugs and lots of love to everyone. Our country is going through some pretty turbulent times right now. It’s scary. It’s sad. It’s un-nerving. We need each other more than ever. I love you all. <3

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