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Clean and Tidy


Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle. - Marie Kondo (1)

Let’s get right to the heart of this: I have this strange quirk where I’m immediately turned off to anything that has become super popular. It showed itself a bit when I was younger and is definitely getting worse as I get older.

The only exception is New Kids On The Block. Because, duh! “Step by Step, oooh baby…”

I like to think this avoidance of what’s en vogue is a good thing. My inner rebel Amy always wants to question and never wants to follow the norm.

But my quirk also doesn’t make any sense. For example, many people over the last couple of months have been talking about a book called, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” or the “KonMari Method.” So many friends and bloggers have been posting and freaking out about how awesome this book is.

I was very interested at first, and I so wanted to read it, but once everyone started talking about it and recommending it, my secret inner rebel said, “Nope.”

I feel like a toddler.

You want me to do that? NO. Just because you want me too. NO.

*face palm*

With this book in particular, I was sad about not wanting to read it because I LOVE the idea of a tidy home. I just couldn’t bring myself to follow the masses.

But then…

Over Christmas, Rob (my hubs) somehow got his hands on it, starting reading it, and came to me with these beautiful words:

“I think we should tidy up!”

Wait. Did I just hear that right???

Why yes, hubby and love of my life, I would freakin’ LOVE to tidy. *confetti and sparkles!*

After I got over my excitement at the idea of us tidying the house as a team, and also the frustration of recounting all the seemingly hundreds of times I’ve asked him to tidy in the past and tried to explain why it was important, I was ready to get home from Christmas vacation and DO THIS.

I did warn him that if we were going to do this, we were going to do this.

I love organization so much that I couldn’t bear the disappointment of starting this process and forgetting about it after a couple of weeks.

So, as soon as we returned home, the tidying began. Joyous, joyous tidying.

First, a quick discussion of the word “tidy” vs “clean.”

Over time, a word can start to be used to describe many things. I’ve realized that when most of us use the word “clean,” we use it not only to refer to washing dishes and cleaning the floor, but also laundry and “cleaning” off that table where we throw all of our crap.

However, “to clean” is different from “to tidy” and if we break them down, they both seem a bit more manageable. Smaller, actionable steps. Right now I’m going to “tidy” by putting away all the stuff on the table, vs. “cleaning” which could mean putting everything away PLUS wiping it down and polishing it (which rarely happens, btw).

Plus, for me, “cleaning” invokes the feeling of “ugh, cleaning.” But “tidy” on the other hand, sounds fun and light-hearted. Let’s tidy! Oooh, that’s sounds fun! (just me??)

We started the KonMari Method with our clothes, then we started doing papers.

How’s it going for us?

It’s a slow process, but I’m totally a believer now. It is so relieving and energizing. I’m also already seeing the side benefits Marie Kondo mentions in the book of gaining more clarity in other parts of my life. It’s so simple, yet so genius.

Of course, in my excitement, I forgot to take before pictures of what we’ve tidied. Believe me when I say things were “a mess” before, and I mean a mess. Like, clothes everywhere, almost nothing folded, piles of clothes (Dirty or clean? It’s hard to tell..) type of messy.

Again, *face palm*.

However, we cleared and organized and I love my closet and dresser now. We did our clothes about three weeks ago and it’s actually still tidy! There is no way I’m going back now. *fingers crossed*

So, here are all the after pictures! They might not look like much, but to me, they are pure happiness. 🙂

My Dresser


My Closet

KonMari Closet

Pookie’s Dresser

Pookie shirts

We followed KonMari’s advice to organize clothing from dark to light, to give the space a lift whenever you see it. It totally works!! She also mentioned placing your clothes upright in the drawer, but I didn’t have enough clothes leftover to hold them in that position!!

Pookie pants

Even Pookie’s clothes are staying folded and tidy. 😀

Pookies underthings

We plan to keep working category by category, continuing with papers, then getting to books, and then mementos. It will take a while, but at least we’re chipping away!

As a last note, I love the message that this sends to Pookie. I can now tell her, “It’s time to tidy!” and we start putting our things away. It makes me feel like I’m treating our things with respect while also making it feel fun. She’s buying it so far. 🙂

Happy tidying! 🙂

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