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I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween weekend! I dare say that this was one of my favorite Halloweens ever.

We had a blast meeting up with some friends for trick-or-treating on Thursday the 29th and had a full day of fun on Halloween.

Why did we trick-or-treat on October 29th, you ask? Fabulous question. Because Columbus is weird, and is obsessed with football. Here’s a little history.

The weirdness of Columbus trick-or-treating aside, Pookie LOVED it.

Halloween 2015

She loved carrying her bag (that she picked out herself from our local thrift store), putting the candies inside (which she still doesn’t understand what’s inside them, hee-hee), and most importantly, she freaked out (in a good way) over all the dogs.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but she’s OBSESSED with dogs. The bigger the better.

One house had a gigantic, incredibly sweet English Mastiff and you should have seen Pookie’s face. Her big blues bulged, her jaw dropped, and her expression read, “Oh my gosh, this is the best day of my life.”

English mastiff, a visual aid from a random google search:

English Mastiff Dog07

On Halloween itself, we attended a once-monthly class at our local Shambhala Center called Parenting As Path. It’s one of the great ways the Columbus meditation community is working toward making meditation and Buddhist philosophy more family-friendly.

Every time we go, we leave with so much. This time, we were reminded about gentleness with ourselves and how we can make meditation more flexible and accessible day-to-day. It doesn’t have to be this formal thing that you do in the same way at the same time everyday.

We were so grateful to hear this, and to receive permission, to view meditation in this way. We realized that attending the two silent meditation intensives in the past made us feel like we needed to be intensive in our home practice in order to gain any benefits (which is not really possible at this point in our lives). Doing what we can right now makes a lot more sense.

Also, with all my goals, being gentle with myself is a very timely reminder.

After the class, we lunched and napped and then Rob and I went on a Columbus Brewery District Beer Tour. My mom got it for us for our birthdays this year. Thanks, mom!!

It was fantastic and we had such a good time. We walked to about five different spots learning about the history of the area, tasting local brews, and snacking on yummy grub. We learned so much about Columbus and found a few great places we hope to go back to (World of Beer, Brick, and Arepazo).

Brew Tour

I highly recommend doing one of the food or drink tours that Columbus offers. It’s worth it!! We did ours through Columbus Brew Adventures. I’ve also heard the food tours through Columbus Food Adventures are awesome too.

After the tour, we ran home, spent a little time with Pookie, got her ready for bed before the sitter came, got ourselves dressed up, and headed out to a grown-up Halloween Party.

Of course, I forgot to take almost any pictures! Here’s one of me with two of my C-bus friends:

Adult Halloween 2015

Disclaimer: I dress up as the same thing every Halloween, so if you’ve seen this get-up before, your eyes are not mistaken. 😉

So, it’s been a great few days in our neck of the woods. I’m doing two posts this week on the blog, so come back on Thursday for a November check-in!

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