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Ah, food and exercise, it seems to always come down to this. For the last several months, I’ve been slowly falling back into old eating habits, which don’t make me feel ideal, and doing exercises that were focused on getting me moving, rather than building strength.

For awhile I felt satisfied with doing some sort of 20-minute physical activity around 4x a week, but I’ve noticed that these workouts aren’t really increasing my flexibility, muscle, or tone. I fully admit that I let the workouts be easy (hey – at least I was doing something!) but I’m feeling ready to push myself a bit more.

My goal in the past regarding diet was always to eat as healthy as possible for optimal energy and health. Lots of veggies, lean protein, limited carbs, and little sugar. My body likes this formula. My appetite however, LOVES me some cookies and brownies and pasta and bread and….you know how it is.

Before our vacation, Rob and I knew it was getting close to time to re-commit to a healthier lifestyle by  revamping our diets and working out more (or smarter). We wanted to have one last splurge on our vacation, and then we’d start fresh this week.

Our committment started Monday and I have to say that things are going pret-ty well so far. We have done many diets in the past and followed them fairly well for about a month, maybe two.

The problem lies with sustainability. You can only limit yourself for so long before you crack, unless your insanely disciplined and motivated (we know some of these people and they’re so amazing and inspiring that it makes me want to vomit).

So, we knew we needed a little something to help us say “no” during the week to things that didn’t fit with our diet plan and give us the comfort that it’s not “no” forever, but just for a few days. We’ll save them all for a cheat day. I’ve heard that the cheat day works for some and not for others. We’ve never tried it, so why not give it a go?

We decided that Saturdays are now going to be “cheat days” and let me tell you, we are SO looking forward to cheat day. I’m already making a plan of all the things I’m going to gorge on.


I’ll update our progress on the blog and instagram, and I’ll also share our weekly meal plans as they come together and prove successful through the weeks. Meal planning is something that can be a huge obstacle to eating well because it just takes so much time and organization. My plan is to figure it out and then pass it on to you so if you’re interested in taking on a similar health goal, half the work will be done for you! Yay!!

Onward and upward – and waiting for Saturday!


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  • Carol Chavez June 6, 2015, 5:09 pm

    You’re correct about a cheat day! I have been trying to eat well during the day and my weekends are” go with the flow”!

  • Z.D. June 9, 2015, 4:02 pm

    “we know some of these people and they’re so amazing and inspiring that it makes me want to vomit” ROFLMAO!!!
    I try to eat healthy, but I allow myself one treat every day. The trick is how one defines the “treat.” For me, a glass of red wine and a small square of dark chocolate counts as a treat, and apparently that’s supposed to be health food now. Or having a chai tea in the afternoon instead of plain tea. Or having a scone with said plain tea. I figure as long as the rest of my meals are veggie-heavy and well proportioned, one of the above per day doesn’t cause a kerfuffle, and it keeps my stomach content instead of growly.
    The challenge, of course, is getting one’s spouse to identify a treat in the same light, instead of equating the concept with three beers or a couple doughnuts.

    • Anonymous June 11, 2015, 9:26 am

      So true!!!

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