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Interview Update

residency rank list

Here we are. Almost at the end of the year!

Rob graduates med school in 5 months. He has one residency interview left. We find out where he’ll do his residency in about 3 months.

And we’re starting to feel the pressure.

Our rank list is due in February, listing the programs we’d like to go to in order of our preferences. Since Rob is going into Family Medicine, we’ve heard that most in that field get their first or second choice.

This is exciting, but also nerve-wracking!

It would be simple if there was one factor that ruled them all. Some of our friends really want to go to a certain location, so that beats all other considerations.

For us, we are factoring in many things and they all are important to us.

We kinda do this a lot. I’d venture to say that we’re fairly indecisive people. Things are not black and white for us. They are very grey.

Of course, we want Rob to go to the best program possible. He wants to do integrative family medicine, so programs that offer that training are pretty high on the list.

We also want to live somewhere that is family friendly and has a lot of stuff for me and Pookie to do.

We also want to live somewhere where we feel lots of support, or feel that we can develop a good support network.

It’s a lot to consider.

I’m putting a lot of importance on support and activities for me and Pookie. All I’ve heard so far is how “hard” residency is, especially the first year, called “intern year.”

What exactly does “hard” mean?

People said that raising kids was “hard” but I had no idea what that actually meant until I had Pookie and became a parent. Now I understand. Yes, hard, indeed.

People said birthing a child was “hard” but, again, that word was mostly hollow to me until I gave birth to Pookie unmedicated. Yes, my friends, that was hard.

I feel this word needs to be reserved for things that really are a challenge of your entire self and to everything you are…like I expect residency will be.

I’ve heard spouses that have come before me on this medical journey say, “You think third year was hard? That’s nothing compared to residency.”

Thanks for that. I barely survived third year with my sanity intact. I’m not sure how much more I can endure.

But as with all things, I guess you just figure it out. You just do it.

So, we feel the pressure to choose the best place possible for us and Pookie. We feel the pressure to enjoy our time before things get all craze-ville. We feel the pressure of something incredibly challenging slowly approaching.

In these moments, I try my best to remind myself to have faith and trust. Trust where the universe is taking us next. Have faith that we will be resilient through it all. We can do this. We can do this.

We can do this!

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