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I woke up this morning totally relaxed after a beautiful night’s sleep. Our family started arriving last night for Rob’s graduation on Thursday, and we managed to not only sell about 8 pieces of furniture in the last four days before they got here, but we also started packing and moved all the boxes into the garage so we would actually have space to welcome guests.

Rob’s parents and brother arrived last night and Pookie slept in our room. Everything went very smoothly! She easily accepted sleeping in a different space and didn’t wake up at too horrible of an hour this morning. Upon waking, I thought to myself, “Things are going really well!” then I realized:

“Oh crap!! It’s Tuesday!!! I didn’t do my blog post!.”

Apparently I have just a few things going on right now that totally distracted me from my normal routine. In my year of blogging, I have yet to forget to write my post before the day of publishing. There have been times where I was so busy, I knew I’d have to write it the morning of and post it later in the day, but this time? Totally spaced it.

It might also be that I have no sense of what day it is right now! Once I finished work last week, everyday has been the whirlwind of errands, meetings, selling things, packing, organizing, preparing for Rob’s graduation and family arriving, and fitting in a few lunches and coffee dates here-and-there with friends before we skip town.

BUT at least I DID remember my blog this morning and am finding the time right now to type. For today’s post, I planned to share a little Pookie update (she’s 2.5 now), but there’s not enough time to edit all the photos I planned to put up. I just got back from brunch with a friend and then I’ll be having a “girls night out” with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law this afternoon/evening. Pookie 2.5 with have to wait until another time.

So for today, I’ll give a little more glimpse into the craziness of our lives right now.

Rob will be officially a “doctor” on Thursday. That’s weird. It feels surreal that we’re already at this point. Did we really go through four years of medical school? Really?

I’m also going to feel a little weird about telling people my husband’s a doctor. It feels like a club we’re not actually a part of yet. When people ask what Rob does, I plan to reply, “He’s in the medical field,” and upon further questioning, I might reply with, “He’s a physician.” For some reason, that sounds more like him.

Looking ahead, we are about 25% packed. Not bad I guess with everything else going on. We found a super cute apartment in Galveston to rent that we will be able to move into in June. It was a bit of a miraculous find since at first it wasn’t available until August, but somehow, one opened up for June and we were next on the list. We’re getting a first floor, corner unit, walkable to the beach. Sweet!!

Downside? It’s going to be cozy. We are super downsizing. Other downside? Galveston floods a lot, and we’ll be on the first floor.

Positives? Because it floods a lot, the first floors are all renovated! New floors, new appliances, new fixtures. Sounds good to me! I also won’t have to worry about stairs, or bothering any downstairs neighbors with Pookie’s elephant feet and constant need to jump!

And did I mention the beach? Yes, BEACH.

Our official last day in Columbus is May 13th. After that we’re doing a bit of travel, attending a friend’s wedding in Cincinnati, and then making the cross-country trek to Texas. Thankfully, we have lots of friends and family along the way that we’ll have a chance to stop and see.

Strangely enough, my side of the family will be arriving to Galveston from a cruise right when we will arrive, so I’ll be able to see them and my mom and sister will be hanging around an extra week to help us unpack and settle into our new place. Pretty great timing!

All the future stuff is set, we just have to get the rest of our stuff sold/donated and then pack up what we’re keeping. We have a few more get-togethers planned with friends and then we’re off. The end is in sight!

Happy Graduation to all 2016 folks! Many graduation pics to come next post! 😀

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