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Let the rotations begin


Man, we’ve had it pretty sweet. Rob’s first month of intern year has been just peachy. A month of orientation with Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm workdays. Plenty of time for weekend outings and the usual gettin’ stuff done.

Rob’s residency program has made connection between the interns a priority. They have scheduled several dinners and events to help them really gel and feel supported before they all go their separate ways and launch into all the crazy rotation schedules.

The highlight event was the annual intern sailing trip last week. Rob and his nine co-workers were able to spend their last day of orientation out on a boat. Living the life. Soaking up the sun. Luckies.

However, all this fun and calm did feel like it had a ticking clock on it. We knew it was going to end and then the real stuff would begin.

Fun with dad

Yesterday was the end of fun and the beginning of WORK. The true beginning. The start of long shifts, overnights, no weekends off, and no time for fun as a fam. Sigh. It’s part of the gig, but it’s still hard to know that I won’t be able to hang out with my favorite person for a while – like months.

Rob left for work yesterday filled with nerves, energy, and excitement. This is it, what he’s been training for. Now he is someone’s doctor, making the calls and providing the care. It’s crazy that it’s here already!

When Rob’s shifts end, he will have enough time to get home, quickly eat, and then go to bed, so he can get at least six hours of sleep before having to get up and do it all over again. I joke that I’ll get to see him in November. 😉

And while Rob is busy putting his skills to the test, Pookie and I are spending our days on the other end of the spectrum. We’ll be trying to get out each day and enjoy what Galveston has to offer. We’re also trying to get along and work through any challenges that come our way.

Fun with pookie

For example, right now, I’m moody and Pookie is a toddler dealing with change after change. I’m usually pretty good with keeping my mood in check, but it’s been hard lately. I will blame this on pregnancy and hormones. My patience has been running low. I’m easily irritated and have occasionally brought out my own inner toddler when Pookie is testing me.

Scene: Pookie taking for freakin’ ever to get ready to go somewhere. The stalling, the distractions, the testing of every little task to be done in order to leave the house. I have found myself reaching my limit and stating, “Fine, whatever. I’m not doing this anymore. You figure it out,” as I stomp out of the room and go pout on the couch. Real mature, Amy, real mature. Pookie proceeds to meltdown and then tries to bite me. That’s how she knows she can get to me – by trying her best to sink those 2-year old chompers into my arm, or better yet, my face. Grrrr. Speaking of grrrrr…

I found a new low yesterday. I had waited over an hour at the doctor’s office to even be called back to a room. I had to pee like five times while I was there. I was hungry, and I was helping Pookie keep her composure as she waited with me. After I finally was seen, and we were on our way out of the office, Pookie wanted to use the bathroom so we stopped. When she was done, she began to mess around while I was trying to get her dressed. I looked at her straight in the eye and growled. Yes, growled. Like an animal that has no other means of communication.

Of course Pookie thought it was hilarious and “roared” back at me. “Mommy roared like lion!” Yes, my dear, your mother could only muster a primitive sound in response to this situation. I’m glad you found it entertaining.

So Rob and I are going to be leading very different lives right now – he is saturated with medicine, patients, and hospitals. I am living the highs and lows of pregnancy and toddlerhood having fun outings and infuriating misadventures. When Rob and I have a chance to really reconnect, it will be time for Baby #2 to arrive and then we’ll have a whole other world of crazy to navigate!

Good news: Rob does get paternity leave, so he’ll be home with us for about a week after baby arrives. *HUGE SMILEY FACE!*

So if I cross your mind in the next few weeks/months, imagine me frolicking on the beach with an adorable little girl, but also imagine me eating all my meals with someone who: likes to touch all the food on my plate, tries to shove partially chewed food into my mouth, tries to climb on the table, and who stares me square in the eye as she drops her utensils on the floor – just to see what will happen. Imagine me quietly celebrating the end of the day and trying to restrain myself from devouring pints of Tonight Dough.

May my coming days, as well as yours, have more laughs than growls, and more fun than fury. These little moments make our lives, so I continue to work to find ways to love and laugh at myself along the way! xoxoxo

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