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Life check-in

Hello July! I had such a great weekend spending lots of time with Pookie and getting in a bit more time than normal with Rob.

He had a nose surgery last week (so he can breathe better), so he’s been recovering at the house. He’s already launched into study mode for his upcoming second medical board exam. Oh the joys!

Pookie outside collage

Today I’m reflecting on what’s currently working, and not, on the quest toward my life and career goals. I can’t believe that it’s been 3 months since I started the 4am wakeups. So how’s that going?

Well…I’m calling June a wash. It ended up being one of those months. Pookie got sick, then I had that lovely kidney stone, which took awhile to recover from, and a couple other factors just upended my routine. I was definitely focused on getting normalcy back, so my long-term goals fell to the side.

It’s cool. It happens.

A new month is here, and so far I’m feeling back on track. I’m waking up at 4:15am and have been much more focused and productive. Even though summer is here, and the sun is setting at 9pm, I’ve been so tired by the time 8:30pm rolls around, it’s pretty easy to be asleep by 9:00pm. I know, I sound like I’m 80.

Speaking of, I’ve had a bit of a change in motivation in the last week in regards to my workout and healthy eating goals. I’m closing in on my mid-30’s and it dawned on me that my true goal is not just to feel my best now, but it’s to feel good in the coming decades of my life (universe willing).

What do I want to be able to do at 60? What do I want to look like and how do I want to feel?

I started looking to older women for inspiration, realizing that health at their age is why I’m working out, eating healthy, and taking care of myself. I want to be a powerhouse when I’m 60. Not fragile or feeling like I’m falling apart.

I want to be fit. I want to be healthy. I want to have good posture and still be flexible.

I want to be like my mom.

Gma and Pookie

She’s in her 60’s and she can still pull a 50lb bag of dog food out of the truck and walk it around to her backyard. She’s pretty bad-ass. She also looks at least 10 years younger than she is.

So how do I get my petite, not-so-muscle dense body to be able to do that? I have to work toward that now. Building muscle and flexibility go hand in hand. Thinking of things in this way has been incredibly motivating.

Thanks, mom!

Business-wise, I’m doing a little biz retreat in a few weeks to refocus and reorganize. The e-course launch was my big goal for so long, and now that it’s up (YAY!), I need to form a new plan. Biz retreats are the best, because I can really dive into my biz without having to stop to take care of anything. Plus I do get to sleep in!! 🙂

So here’s the current roster:

July Goals

– Continue early morning wake-ups

– Do body weight exercises twice per week (3 is ideal) and stretching/yoga twice per week

– Continue creating meals around veggies and being mindful about sugar and processed foods. Wait for cheat day for indulgences.

– Meditate daily, and if one day I can’t fit it in, take moments to be mindful and present

– Clarify biz goals, modify the plan, schedule it in, and start implementing!

– Get outside with Pookie. Enjoy the weather and enjoy those precious moments to connect with Rob.

As part of staying motivated with my goals, I listen to podcasts and I listened to this incredibly inspiring one last week with Arianna Huffington on the School of Greatness (you all know I’m currently obsessed with this podcast!!). She offered so many gems of wisdom and one thing she said really struck me and has stayed on my mind for days. She said:

“You are a soul having a human experience. Not a human being having an occasional spiritual experience.”


I am a soul having a human experience.

That changes things.

I’m going to hold that idea close this week, especially in those challenging moments, to help me gain some perspective. It makes our life and work feel much more sacred, while we can also take ourselves and the situations we encounter much more lightly.

As Arianna Huffington also said, “It’s onward, upward, and inward.” 😀


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  • Noble July 7, 2015, 2:42 pm

    I think about what I want my future health to look like, also. Although my genes have pretty much condemned me to flabby arms for the remainder of my life, I also know that doesn’t mean I can’t have arm strength. I am determined to NOT be like my paternal grandmother, and be unable to push myself up out of a chair. So I work on my core, my arms, and my balance. And I eat a lot of dark chocolate, because, you know…it’s healthy.

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