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A jaunt to KCMO!


Welp, here we are, in the good ol’ state(s) of Missouri/Kansas. Border towns, ya know?

Rob had a Family Residency Program Convention in Kansas City and then we’ve stayed around a bit longer to visit some long-time friends who we haven’t seen in years.

Rob spent almost all day at the convention the first 3 days we were here, while Pookie and I hung out for as long as we could visiting booths with him. We went up and down the escalators no fewer than 10 times, walked up and down a lot of stairs, found a pay phone (these are still around??) that Pookie thought was the coolest, and I bribed her with a lot of snacks to stay in her stroller as long as possible.

She got lots of random gifts from the booths we visited such as pens, balls, a pedometer (which she now uses as a phone), and her favorite – the squishy bear from the Colorado tables.

Pookie KCMO vacation

*Side note: In the background of the bear picture, you can see a bit of the where we stayed. I booked a house through Airbnb so we’d save some $$ and have a bit more space. It has been perfect!! 

The conference was a chance for us to start narrowing down where Rob is going to apply for residency. Yes, he’ll apply in Ohio, but he needs to apply to many programs to make sure he matches. It’s a game of: Which program might be the right fit just by talking to the residents at the booth? and Which locations would we be content living in? Could we really live in Eastern Tennessee or Provo, Utah??

He’ll start submitting applications next month, then we wait to hear who grants him an interview. He’ll interview this winter and then match in March. It seems so crazy that we’re at this point already. Although it’s been a rough road, it seems like he just started medical school!!

Once the convention finished, we met up with our good friends, who now also have kids, which was nice because they understand the challenges of a) traveling with small children and b) traveling with very tired small children.

CrownCenter Collage

We visited the City Market, The Crown Center/Plaza, and a farmstead. If for some random reason you end up in KC with little kids, I highly recommend The Crown Center and The Deanna Rose Farmstead. Pookie had a blast!


We quickly realized that it is really hard to have some deep, catch-up-on-how-you’ve-been conversations with the little ones running around, testing their new environments, along with their sanity hanging by a thread.

Since my friend is from the area, she actually was able to recruit her old baby sitter to watch our kiddos for the day so we could have some relaxed, focused adult time. We are going to have a kid-free double date today and we’re super excited!

Although the trip has been exhausting and we’re now realizing just how much Pookie is going to dictate the events we do on vacations from here on out, we’re having a blast!

For example, we really wanted to visit Boulevard Brewery to sample their beers. Pookie has been just too tired for this sort of thing, and the timing didn’t work out, so instead, we picked up a sampler pack from a liquor store to do our own at-home tasting.

This is part of the parenting journey and we’ll do our best make the most of it!


As a side note: Friends have asked what I do on vacations with my goals. I say, vacations are vacations, peeps. I don’t do 4am wakeups or wait until cheat day for indulgences. I try to enjoy as much cuisine as I can (keeping within my doctor recommended limits of no tomato or spicy (nightshade plants) and limit gluten and dairy). On my honor, I will try. Girl scout promise!



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