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New City: Galveston!


Well, guys, we made it!! We left Columbus on May 20th to start our trek to Galveston. We drove two cars, traveled many miles, and stayed with friends and family along the way. It’s been a great three weeks and we are now ready to move into our new place in a couple of days!!

We are so excited to be close to some relatives and really great friends that live in Texas. Seeing them on our road trip out to Galveston got us all pumped up for the possibility of visiting them more often!

When we arrived in town, there was a ton of rain, which of course means flooding, but yesterday was absolutely beautiful!! It was a great day to get outside and enjoy the sun and BEACH!!! I’m feeling very hopeful about settling in here and all its possibilities. 😀

Many have asked about our housing, so here’s the deets on that. We reserved an apartment sight unseen as soon as Rob found out where he matched. In all our years of moving, we have never done this and I HIGHLY discourage this sort of thing, but we were in a bind. Galveston seemed pretty limited on housing options for renters and there was no opportunity to fly down to check things out. Thankfully we had a great realtor that recommended properties to us and really helped us out.

Once we arrived yesterday, we went to look at our unit. There are some things that we love, and some things we don’t, nothing that is major. It got us wondering though if there were any other options, so we spent most of yesterday checking out other units to confirm we made the right choice. It felt a bit like HGTV. Do we choose the 1st floor with less living space and more storage? Or the 3rd floor with a huge open floor plan with only one closet?

We decided that our original apartment was going to be the best fit. Highlights: walkable to the beach, patio, storage, great community. Lowlights: the layout is a bit “cramped” and there’s a dumpster uncomfortably close to our unit. Can’t win them all I guess. We’re moving in and hoping for the best!

Also, my family happens to be here (they took a cruise out of Galveston and returned when we arrived!) so we’ve been able to spend some quality time with them before they head home. My mom and sister are hanging with us for a bit longer to help us move-in. I’m SO incredibly thankful for this!!!

I’ll also throw in a preggo pic. I’m 18 weeks now and looking pretty plump already!! Second child, I guess. Sadly, the nausea has returned, so I’m working through that, but hopefully it will pass again soon.

18 weeks

So now you’re up-to-date! Move-in pics to come!!


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