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Rob, Amy, Pookie, +1!

Plus One

Our adventure continues!! That’s right, my friends, I’m going to have another baby!! ***confetti and sparkles!!***

Our new addition is due in mid-November, which means Pookie and baby will be three years apart.

We’re pretty jazzed about this turn of events. It was a bit unexpected, since it took us so long to get preggers with Pookie, but this time around, it just…happened. How sweet is that?!?!

What’s the advice that medical students receive when it comes to building a family? Don’t do it during medical school, but especially not residency, and especially especially not during first year of residency (aka intern year). Welp, some people can’t plan and time these things like other folks can. We had Pookie during med school. We survived. We’re going to have our second a few months into Rob’s Intern year. I have high hopes we will all survive this too, advice be damned!!

Thinking back to before Pookie was born, I really thought we would just “see what happened” in regards to adding to our family after she arrived. It took five years for us to have Pookie, so using pregnancy prevention seemed strange. We didn’t need it for so long, so why start now? But…

I was so overwhelmed with everything that came with motherhood, that I couldn’t handle the thought of another baby coming so soon after Pookie’s arrival. I needed some time to adjust. Parenthood rocked my world so much more than I could have ever imagined – both in its ups and its downs.

I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be ready to add to our family. To be totally honest, I felt like having one child was enough, but I also felt that the stars had already decided that a second one was waiting. I had a feeling, just like with Pookie, that this little one was on its way to us. And so it was to be.

About five months ago, I felt the calling that the second baby was ready. Even though the thought of having an infant again in addition to a toddler, while Rob is an intern, makes my anxiety flare up, I felt I was ready to accept this calling and open up myself and my heart to this new little one. And here I am, 4 months preggo!

How am I feeling?

Nervous. Excited. Scared. Hopeful. Grateful. Amazed.

When I start to get too concerned, I go back to my theme for this year over and over again. Trust. Lean into trust and release the fear. Have faith that it will all work out. 

Physically, I’ve been much more exhausted than I remember being with Pookie. I can sleep an amazing amount and my body totally ceases to want to function after 8:00pm. I’ve been incredibly nauseous all day everyday until a couple weeks ago. The second trimester is giving me some relief!

We’ve told Pookie and she’s warming to the idea, enough though she’s a bit too young to totally understand. We have so much going on right now, that I think she’s just confused overall but doing a good job of going with the flow. I’m thankful we have a couple months to settle into a routine in Galveston before the new baby comes.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned this past year, and even in the past couple of months, is the importance of taking care of myself. I need to make time to do things that I love, like yoga, and to feed my spirit and take care of my body. It doesn’t take much, but a little bit of self love goes a long way. I keep reminding  myself that by making self-care a priority, I’m not only helping myself, I’m teaching Pookie the importance of taking care of herself, which will be very important for her in the future. 

So to all you parents out there that have been through what I’m about to go through, send your positive vibes my way! We are so excited about all the new adventures in store for us. We will be tested and challenged, but we will also grow and become stronger. 

Before I close, I just want to add a little side update. Last week I took a whirlwind trip to New Mexico for my nephew’s graduation (it was a surprise!) and spent some great quality time with my family. Rob and Pookie stayed in Columbus and continued working to clean the house.


When I come back, we officially said goodbye to our home in Columbus where we lived for four years. It was a wonderful home that we will miss dearly, especially our wonderful neighbors!!

Bye house

Lastly, we were able to be at our now former *tears* roommate’s wedding in Cincinnati, Ohio. We had one last wonderful evening in Ohio with some of our friends before starting our roadtrip to Galveston.

Louise wedding 2

We’re now in Indianapolis and we will head toward Oklahoma in a couple of days! Let the journey to Galveston begin!

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  • diana May 24, 2016, 1:20 pm

    Amy!!!!! This is the best news!!!

  • Kristin May 27, 2016, 7:20 am

    Congratulations! So excited for you all!

    • Amy Rakowczyk August 16, 2016, 10:02 pm

      Thank you!!

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