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Pookie 2.5

Pookie 2pt5

Pookie. 2.5 and rockin’ it.

We have officially entered the age that I had previously been terrified of – the dreaded years 2-3. Terrible twos? Yep, we’re in it. However…

Perhaps there’s a threenager storm coming, but for right now, it’s actually been quite pleasant and sometimes, dare I say, fun?!?!

Don’t get me wrong, we all need breaks and sometimes it’s a lot, but I am super grateful that Pookie seems to be one of those kids that can keep things pretty chill. Sure she has her limits and frustrations, and days are not free of emotional roller coasters. Sometimes she’ll throw herself on the floor. Sometimes she’ll try to hit me or Rob. But I’ve figured out that with her, if we do the following things, she’s a pretty happy kiddo:

  • Keep her schedule as concrete as possible.
  • Be aware of when she’s reaching the end of her rope and adjust.
  • Remain super consistent with communicating boundaries and expectations – and enforcing them.
  • Explain everything thing to her, and then explain it again. What are we doing today? What’s happening next? What’s going to happen when we get to our next stop?

Pookie is handling all the moving, traveling, and changing like a pro. She has asked to go “home” a couple of times and I try my best to explain to her that we left our home and are moving to a new one. She seems to be ok with it. She also pats my belly and says, “baby,” which of course, I find incredibly adorable.

Pookie’s favorite things right now:

Pink kitty

  • Pink Kitty
  • Singing songs like, “Abc’s,” “Wheels On The Bus,” “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and “The Ants Go Marching.” She’ll sing them to herself as she plays or while she relaxes before falling asleep at night. It’s adorable!!


  • Biting her nails and sucking her fingers (she fits middle, ring, and pink finger in there)
  • Dogs and cats, but mostly dogs
  • Watching Rob like a hawk for any snacks he brings out – mostly waiting for chips.
  • Mommy – she wants to be with me all the time. I’m the rock, I guess, so she doesn’t want me to leave her sight if I’m around. I have a little Pookie shadow where ever I go! 🙂

Loving mommy

  • Being outside, climbing, running, and jumping
  • Dancing and being silly!

Silly Pookie

Our biggest challenges right now:

As two-year olds do, Pookie gets easily frustrated and is learning how to handle it in more positive ways. When emotions run high and she loses control of herself, I try my best to remain unfrazzled and calm although it can be very challenging! As you can imagine, it flares up when there is a lot going on and when there is a lot of change – which we have NONE of right now. 😉

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I have to say again that I feel so confident as a parent and feel that Pookie adjusts well because of following the RIE philosophy and specifically, Janet Lansbury’s blog and books. We aren’t hardcore about it, but we do use the philosophy as a sort of home base. When a new behavior or situation arises and we don’t know what to do, we consult Janet’s writings first and try her suggestions. So far, everything has worked, so we haven’t had to look elsewhere. As I’ve also said before, all kiddos are different, and this is just what has worked for us. Once the new one arrives, we’ll get to experiment with seeing if it works with another kiddo too! 🙂

Our little Pookie is such a joy and she’s such a vibrant young lady. We are enjoying Pookie 2.5 and look forward to embracing year three when it comes along!

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