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Pookie turns 3!!


Last week, my beautiful Pookie turned 3! We were able to have two small celebrations, which ended up being perfect for us since we just had another baby, and it also fit Pookie’s style to keep things small and intimate.

We had a family birthday party during Thanksgiving weekend when Rob’s side of the family was in town. One of Pookie’s cousins recently had her birthday as well, so we did a little joint celebration for the both of them, complete with a Frozen birthday cake. Pookie was in heaven!



Then on her birthday, we had a small playdate at our cozy apartment with a few friends including snacks, brownies, and little craft boxes I compiled from the Target $1 section. I was pretty proud of myself for getting this together while having a newborn in the house. It ended up being perfect. Just enough celebration without any stress or much prep.

As all parents say, it’s hard to believe our kids are the age they are. I still remember vividly the day that Pookie was born. It’s seems like it has gone so fast, but also incredibly slow at the same time. The days are long but the years are short.

And again, as all parents say, I think my Pookie is pretty darn amazing. In honor of her birthday, here are a few things I love about this kid:

  1. She’s one of the sweetest toddlers you’ll meet. Her teachers comment about how she’s such a joy to have in their class. Sitters say that she follows directions almost all the time and is such a joy to spend time with. My mommy heartstrings are pulled!!
  2. She’s silly and fun. She makes silly faces, makes up songs, dances around and makes up games. When she’s in a good mood, her energy and smiles are contagious!
  3. She’s an observer. I call her “slow to warm” around new people and situations. She’s a kid that likes to fully assess a situation, or person, numerous times before she’s comfortable joining in. Risk-taker she is not. Calm and calculated she is. Wonder where she gets it from??? 😉
  4. She still takes naps. Serious points in this category!!

She’s had a great three years and now she’ll enter into a new chapter, not only as a 3-year-old with new abilities and responsibilities, but also with being a big sister and learning to be a good friend to her playmates.

As part of her growing up, I’ve decided to start doing a “birthday box” each year that is part fun and part development – focused on her developing as a member of our household and society, as well as spiritually. This year, I got her a book about different religions, her own Ganesha statue, coupons for dates with me and Rob, and also a list of her new responsibilities. It will be a little while before I’m able to really implement these responsibilities (I’m just a bit busy and tired these days!), but it’s something to work toward.


So here’s to another great year with my beautiful, kind, caring, fun, and super sharp girl. I love her to the moon and back, and am so proud of her!!

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