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20 Months of Pookie!

Welp, it’s August! Our whole family will be returning to their respective normalcies on Monday. I’ll go back to work. Rob will start a new rotation and Pookie will start at her new school.

Pookie is at a super fun age right now (except for the fact that right now, as I write this, she is upstairs in her room crying as she has a hard time settling down for bed. Didn’t I just write about how I was enjoying the easy sleep while it lasted? And I did. And I hoping it returns after our routines come back and she can relax a bit. But I digress…).

It’s been a couple months since I did an update on Pookie, and it feels about time for another one. I’m terrible with scrapbooking and memory keeping, so writing it out is the only way I think I’ll remember all these special times!

In about four months, Pookie will be 2! She’s still tall and has the same hair as me – super fine and thin. She hates when I put anything in it and takes hair ties and clips right now. It also grows like a weed, so I feel like I’m constantly cutting her bangs. Isn’t that the funnest thing ever?!!! Thankfully, no eyeballs have been lost yet…

Pookie LOVES dogs, playing outside, eating, dancing, “chatting,” helping with things, and has started to really get into pretending. It’s pretty cool to watch. She pats stuffed animals on their backs like they’re going to sleep and she uses almost everything as a phone. She holds it up to her ear and walks around “chatting” in it. Adorbz.

Here are some of our favorite things right now:


pookie at sink

Washing Dishes (aka – I put a bit of water in the sink and she splashes around and plays with the items in the dish rack. She could seriously do this for about 30 minutes.)


pookies spot

Hanging at “her spot” where we have snacks together and she helps me “cook.”


popcorn and smoothies

Our favorite snack – popcorn and green smoothies. We LOVE popcorn. It makes us feel good about the world.

pookie washing hair n hands

Using her toys to “wash things.” Everything. Again and again and again…

cleaning animals

We also recently got her a balance bike that she’s been trying out. It’s going pretty good!

trying out her bikePlus you always gotta have time to chill…

other funSo, we’re enjoying all the fun that is Pookie right now, laughing with her and being amazed by all the things she can now do. She’s talking a lot more and using her baby sign language, which is making communication a little easier with all her developing todder-isms. Age 2, here we come! 🙂

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