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It’s official. After months of applying, interviewing, and waffling back and forth in true Rob and Amy fashion, we finally submitted our residency program rank list. *biting nails*

If you’re new around here, my hubs (Rob) is in his 4th year of medical school and will graduate in May. This means that he’s currently applying for placement in a residency program. He’ll officially be titled a “doctor” when he graduates, but he won’t be board certified yet. He has to do a residency and some more exams.

And man, making this program rank list was much harder than we expected.

All those that have come before me try to comfort me by saying that “it all works out,” and “you’ll end up exactly where you need to be.” I’m sure that will end up being true.

But right now I’m trying not to freak out.

It seems like such a big decision, and a different decision than we’ve had to make before.

When Rob was first in the Navy, we were sent places. No choice. Then before Rob was sent to his first boat, we were able to look at the “billet” (job listing) and rank our choices. Interestingly, we put Seattle #1 and Guam #2 that first round! We got our third choice, which was Hawaii. Not bad.

Then after Hawaii, we made a new round of rankings for his next position and got, to our surprise, Norfolk which was not even on the billet. It sounded like the worst place in the world. I cried. But it ended up being one of my favorite places, ever.

When Rob decided to apply to medical school, we ended up having just a couple of options on where to go. Ohio shined and we decided to venture out to the Midwest. And it’s been so much better than I could have ever imagined. 

And I get it. I see the theme.

Yes, it all works out.

But this time feels different.

This time though, it seems like we have more control, since we can talk to the programs directly and tell them how much we love them if we want to. It seems super serious to say, “You’re my #1. I think we’d make a great match.”

Rob didn’t even say that to me before he proposed.

We rank the residency programs and they rank us, and then hopefully there will be a match. As a friend brought to my attention the other day, it’s like medical school Tinder.

Swipe right for “yes”!

MedRes Tinder

*Sidenote: I’m DYING at this picture I made. LOL!! I’ve never actually seen Tinder before this moment when I got the idea to make this graphic. I love this so much. Rob was beside himself!!*

So now we wait until March 18th at 12:00pm. At this exact time, we all will gather, receive an envelope with our “match” and open them together.

We’ll be surrounded by friends and I know it will be so much fun and a great time of celebration. I’m just going to focus on trusting for the next month that it all will work out!

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