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Recital Videos! (Part 2)

As promised, I uploaded the second half of my recital (yes – the one from October) for your listening pleasure! If you didn’t catch the first half, LISTEN HERE. The first half was more Classical and second half was more Contemporary.

Here’s the strange thing. I admitted this to one of my students today, so I feel like I’ve opened the box so I can now tell the world.

After I completed this recital, it was the happiest I’d ever been with myself in this type of performance. In the past, my norm was to forget words, run out of air in random places, and do weird things that I’ve never done before.

This recital was the first time that I did most of what I was trying to do. Of course, I would change some things if I had to do it again (like why did I forget to add vibrato on my belt in “Wild and Reckless“??), but overall, it was the most solid I’ve ever performed in that sort of setting.

So here’s the weird thing: as soon as I stepped off stage, I expected to feel a rush of excitement and immediately start planning out my next recital (as I have done in the past).

However this time, I felt a very strong and unexpected feeling. My inner voice said, “Hm, I’m done.” It was a feeling of closure.


It felt like a chapter closed. In the best way possible. Like the sweet relief of resolution. I did what I needed to do and now I’m good – I can move on.

It’s not like I won’t sing again, but I think the focus for singing shifted for me in that moment. I asked myself why and a thought occurred to me.

What if I used singing all these years as a way to be heard? For many years of my younger life I felt silenced and that my feelings didn’t matter, and now, for whatever reason, I have found my voice. Singing can now take on a new meaning and reason for me.

Mind. blown.

Stating that for all of you is super scary, since my life has been devoted to singing and learning how to sing my best. I think I’m ready to take a singing break and allow singing to evolve into its new season for me.

So, this recital may very well be my last. Or maybe I’ll do one again when I’m 60. Or in two years. Who knows. But for now, I hope you enjoy these captured moments as much as I did at the time I shared them. I am grateful.

Amy’s 2015 Recital Part II

“The Trolley Song” from Meet Me In St. Louis


“I Wish I Were In Love Again” from Babes In Arms


“Wild and Reckless” from Drat! The Cat!


“First You Dream” from Steel Pier


“Winter” by Tori Amos


“Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift


“Heaven When We’re Home” by The Wailin’ Jennys

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