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Recital Videos Are UP! (Part I)

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Yay! Three months later, I’ve finally uploaded the videos from the first half of my recital! Go me!

I’m so happy with how this recital turned out. As I wrote about before, I needed so much to do this. I needed to push myself to start singing regularly again – and with challenges. I also needed to prove I could make the time to do this even though I have so many new obligations and priorities as a mother.

Singing this recital, I was able to perform some songs that I’ve wanted to sing for years and I also had fabulous musicians to accompany me.

So, here are the songs of the first half:

“Fi nan bois” by Franz Casseus
I found this songs years ago by chance and fell in love. It struck me and has stayed with my year after after.


“La rose enflorece” traditional Sephardic cantiga
My undergraduate voice teacher actually presented this song to me as an option for my senior recital. I had requested to do a pre-Baroque ensemble number for my ender. I’ve always loved really old music, really new music, and non-Western styles. This song didn’t end up making it on that recital, but I kept it in my files for “someday” and someday finally came. I’m beyond thrilled!


“Vilia” from The Merry Widow
I was given this aria in opera workshop during graduate school. It fit like a glove and has been one of my standard songs. I love this aria!


“Once I Was” by Ricky Ian Gordon
When I was in graduate school, I participated in an artsong contest for the local Hawaiian NPR station. The singer that one the prize, sang this song and it was hauntingly beautiful. I put this one in the “someday” pile and again, it finally happened!


“Arise, My Love” by Mark Hayes
I heard this beautiful song at my friend and colleague, Larry Griffin’s, wedding this past year. I immediately purchased this Mark Hayes songbook and started learning the songs. Love them.


“Sailing On” by Alan Menken (that Disney guy)
This song came to me as I was searching repertoire for one of my students a couple years ago. I knew this song was a good fit from the moment I heard it.

Who knows exactly why a song stops you in your tracks and tugs at your heart. I prefer to let the mystery be and enjoy the feeling when it comes. I’m so thankful I was able to spend some time with these songs and let my spirit carry them for awhile.

I’ll upload the second half of the recital once I get back home after the holidays! One thing at a time, ya know? 😉

Hope you enjoy listening!

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