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Residency – two months in

Dinner with dad

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day at our house – Rob had the day off!! Say what?!?! Yes, my friends, it’s true.

He started a new rotation this week and it’s been a pretty rough schedule. He’s getting to work around 5am and getting off around 7pm (which most days, ends up being closer to 8pm or later). So both Pookie and I were pumped to have a whole day with him!

Working on the car

Pookie soaked up the daddy time helping Rob put washer fluid in the cars and showing off her splashing abilities in all the puddles. It was a rainy day, so there were plenty of puddles that needed toddler attention. 🙂


Pookie also showed Rob her new routine which included requesting “loud music” and running circles around our ottomans yelling, “Running music!” She averages about 30-50 laps. Rob and I just smiled at each other. Our little creation is so crazy and adorable. *Swoon*

So how are things overall for us? Surprisingly, really good.

Rob’s first month of residency was a cake walk compared to most. It was a month-long orientation that was a Monday-Friday, 8-5 deal. Weekends off. No call. It was glorious.

His second rotation was when things got real. The first two weeks he worked nights 5pm-7am with one day off per week. Surprisingly, that schedule worked well for us because he was able to see Pookie for small chunks of time before he left for work and when he came home before going to bed. The next two weeks changed to dayshift, which was actually much harder.

He left before Pookie got up, and got home right at her bedtime. We started keeping her up a little late so she could get in about 10 minutes of facetime with him.

This week he started a new rotation. The hours have been even longer, so time with him is very short and he’s exhausted. Pookie can’t last until 9pm to see Rob when he gets home, so she’s really missing him. I had a baby appointment last week and we were able to sneak over to see Rob at work for about five minutes. It wasn’t a lot, but it was something!

Pookie had fun making friends and wrapping people around her finger. She also convinced everyone to give her their snacks. Such a silly little lady!

Doc visit

On the positive, Rob is loving his training. Some of the reasons that we were attracted to this particular program are showing up in the practice and with patient care. It’s very reassuring to know that the focus is where we were hoping it would be. Rob is learning a lot and feels very supported. We definitely feel more and more like we’ve landed in the right place!

As for me, Pookie has been on a break from school this past month, so it’s been a lot of “us” time. I must admit that I’m pretty excited to have school start back up so I have a few kid-free hours. She’ll go a couple days a week in the mornings, which I hope will be a good balance for us for the time being.

Now that I’m in my third trimester, I’m started to get more tired. I don’t have the same energy I had at the beginning of the summer. Pookie is needing more ways to be creative and spend her energy than I’m up for right now!

We’ve been finding entertainment however we can, but usually we go to the same places. Most days, the heat is too much for me, so we’ve been doing more indoor activities. We really like the library, the Galveston Children’s Museum and Sugar Bean cafe in Evia.


The mosquitos are also really bad right now and no matter what we do, they eat us alive! They will find any tiny patch of skin not covered in repellent. For example, we’ve been getting bit on our fingers and faces. I got bit on my eyelid. It’s serious business here! Since I’m still getting bit, and there’s the whole Zika thing, we’re staying indoors most of the time.

Work on the house has slowed considerably since Pookie has been out of school. I joke that we’re stuck at about 75% moved in. I have a little list of things I really want to get done before the baby arrives, so I plan to jump into those as soon as Pookie’s school starts back up.

So there you have it! Our lives right now are pretty much the Amy and Pookie show, with an occasional cameo from Rob. We’re keeping things simple, keeping expectations modest, and making things work. It’s strange to say, but I actually feel much more at peace and much more relieved right now than I have in awhile. Since I’m not working, I feel focused and relaxed, which I didn’t expect.

I’m actually most concerned about having this baby in a couple of months!! That’s going to make things very interesting!! But for now, we’re trucking along, trying to enjoy the moments instead of “waiting for things to be different or better.” This is life right now and we are finding the good however we can!

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  • diana August 30, 2016, 8:11 am

    Heartwarming post. Grateful for a bit of balance and ease, I’m sure! Pookie’s haircut is adorable..

    • Amy Rakowczyk August 30, 2016, 4:32 pm

      Thank you! I cut her hair myself!! I was pretty excited with how it turned out. 😀

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