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It’s reTREAT time!

retreat 2015

At the conclusion of our gap year, before we settled in Columbus, we spent a week relaxing at a friend’s cabin in the New Mexican desert. The nearest town was about 25 minutes away. No internet, no cell phone reception. Just us.

And a buttload of crazy, amazing, life-altering experiences to process.

And that’s what we did.

We rested. We reflected. We made new goals and plans.

Our dreams were a little idealistic, I’ll admit, but we were so inspired to create a life we loved. A life we designed, not just followed. We were then ready to jump back into the “real world” and start working toward this ideal life.

And ya know what? Real life is hard, peeps. But I don’t need to tell you that, because you all know.

Very quickly we felt like we didn’t have time to focus on what was really important to us – each other, our health, our spirituality, our friends. Real life is hard enough, and then add in medical school?


I quickly found that I needed some time periodically to step back from the run-around, remember my true goals, and get re-inspired.

Once Pookie arrived, it was vital that I do this.

retreat 2014

The first retreat I took was when Pookie was about 7 months old. She still wasn’t sleeping well, my hormones were all crazy from her starting to wean herself, and Rob’s medical school journey was much more of a punch in the face than we expected.

That first retreat was miraculous.

I slept as long as I wanted to. I ate yummy food and was only responsible for myself (except for pumping Pookie’s milk every couple hours – moms never truly get a break!).

I meditated and did yoga. I reflected on my first couple of years of being in Columbus, running my own business, teaching at a university, being a new mom, and a medical school spouse.

It was a lot to process and I needed the time and space to allow that process to happen.

I came home from that retreat so refreshed and revitalized.

I had a new goal plan and had scheduled all the items in. Sh*t was going to happen!

However, I’ll admit that many things on that schedule did not happen or go as planned. There was a lot of rescheduling and delaying due to the demands of life. It’s a constant juggling act – trying to find a balance.

The biggest thing to suffer has been my business from day 1. This is self-inflicted though, because long before I even had my business, when I was newly married to Naval Officer Rob, I made my priority list: family was #1, my work was #2.

So here I am. A year has passed since my last retreat. What have I accomplished? What goals are still relevant and what needs to evolve?

retreat cabin

I’m nestled away in the small town of Urbana, Ohio, walking trails, listening to birds, breathing, and listening. Listening for what my soul wants to tell me next. Where do I go from here? Where does my energy need to be spent?

I’ve also taken a little jaunt into town to visit the famous Coffee Depot. I got my sugar and caffeine fix, for sure! (see Coffee Depot pic at the top of this post)

* Btw – there are no cheat days on retreat, because the whole thing is one big cheat day!! *

So, my goals for the next three days are the following:

  • Rest, relax, and rejuvenate
  • Ask myself the following questions and wait for the answers:
    • What does my ideal life and business look like in 10 years?
    • What will I need to accomplish or put into action in 5 years to be working toward that?
    • What does that look like each year, each month, each week?
  • Organize my to do list
  • Schedule items in

Wish me luck and I’ll report back on how it went! Also, let’s all take a moment to send good thoughts Rob’s way as he serves as solo parent for the next three days! 🙂

Onward, upward, and inward!

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  • Diana McCullough July 21, 2015, 8:35 am

    Our farm is just north of Urbana a couple of miles, and the Depot is one of my favorite places! If you are interested in a total cheat treat, stop in at Mumford’s on the main drag just north of the downtown ‘square,’ and buy a bag of their chips. Best on the planet. I will look forward to hearing more about your retreat, and also about where you are staying. sending love and light, dear colleague!

  • Amy Rakowczyk July 21, 2015, 8:57 pm

    Diana – I was actually wondering if your farm was in these parts! I will definitely stop at Mumford’s tomorrow!

  • Rina July 22, 2015, 11:21 pm

    Glad I got to read the details of your retreat here! So inspiring Amy. This is the one area that I struggle with most…taking enough time for myself. I’ve haven’t left the baby overnight yet, but deep down I know that it would ultimately be best for all three of us if I devoted some time to moi!

  • Amy Rakowczyk July 23, 2015, 8:53 pm

    Rina – It’s so hard being a mom and juggling all the things we have to do! I always try to remember that I can only give my best when my own “well” is full. When I’ve taken time for myself, I have much more energy and am much more compassionate and patient with everything I do, especially as a mum. 🙂

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