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Slow dooooowwwwnn….

slow down

Several months ago, when I was first trying to fit in the bazillion goals I have for my life, I was causing myself too much stress fitting these things in. I quickly realized there is a fine line between productivity and burnout!

“I want to do this, and learn this, and go there, and visit that…”

Whoa there, Aims. Not so fast.

During this time, Rob came across this amazing article called “Busy Is A Sickness,” and it really impacted the way I thought about all these “things” I was adding in my life. I HIGHLY recommend reading this article!

I found it hard (and still do) to self-regulate when I want to use my time wisely and fit everything in. I have read many productivity books, which offer a lot of great insight, but also don’t really talk up self-care as an important aspect of productivity. I find myself easy prey to the frantic run of “getting things done.”

After I read the article (which was February-ish), I made a belated New Year’s resolution to help myself remember the joy in all the busyness of life.

My resolution was to “slow down.”

I wrote it on our white board in the kitchen so I can see it every morning. This is ideal, since I have about 50 tasks to take care in about 2 hours every morning and that little reminder helps me relax a bit during the process. It’s also important I start the day adding in some breathing room, or the whole thing goes bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s!

I started back to work yesterday, and back into my routine and working toward my goals. I already felt the need to bring this article back to help give myself some perspective.

As I jump back into cultivating the best life I can, I’m also going to remember to slow down and enjoy the ride. When I see “slow down,” it helps me come back to the present moment and breathe. Ahhhhhh.

My life is full and I will do my best enjoy it! 🙂

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