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Students teach the teacher

Wow – this past week was an intense one for me – in the best ways possible.

It was one of those weeks where you witness magic happen and you are changed in the process. It’s like you see others and see yourself again, but for the first time.

It started with my colleague giving a concert for the conservatory where we work. He was absolutely phenomenal in his singing and playing, but the most striking part was how raw and real he was in his performance.

He was living in the moment, in the music, and letting the expression freely flow. He didn’t dress things up and “put on a show.” It was a “this is me, and that’s enough” sort of moment.

He was 100% himself. And I was so inspired.

After I left the concert, I thought a lot about that evening. A realization swept over me that I didn’t expect:

After all these years, I’ve grown a lot, but I often still hide behind walls.

In performing…and in life.

As most of us feel, I think the walls somehow protect me. But this concert reminded me that those walls just create a barrier between me fully embracing myself, and me fully allowing others in.

I felt pulled to reviewed some of my journals, and something I wrote two years surfaced again:

Indulge in faith

Easier said than done for sure. It’s hard to be raw, real, and open.

The the same things I’m trying to achieve in my life are the same things I tell my students week in and week out that they can achieve. If they can do it, so can I.

And they did do it. The second amazing thing that happened last week was a concert I had on Friday for my Contemporary Voice Studio.

This concert was all about giving the classically trained singers in my studio the opportunity to perform other genres with a live band and for an audience.

For most of them, when they first come into my studio, they are terrified of singing non-classical music. “I don’t know how to do that” or “I can’t do that!” is usually their first response to what I ask them to do.

But then, after lots of trust building and them being willing to bring down a few walls and get outside their comfort box, magic starts to happen.

Friday’s concert was one of those magical times. Each student got up on stage and seriously rocked it. They all pushed themselves well beyond their previous limits and it was thrilling to watch.

I stood in the back of the auditorium freaking out. I was so excited for them. I would get a little weepy, then be filled with energy and start dancing around, then get weepy again.

“Look at how awesome they are!!!”

CVS 2016

Seeing the students have such success after knowing where they started, and being a witness to all the work they gave along the way, was magical.

***Side note: I’ll have many more pictures and I’ll post video of the concert on Youtube when I get them!!***

So, thank you universe for bringing these people into my life. Thank you for the opportunities that I’ve received to better find and give my gifts, as well as to be able to receive other people’s gifts.

We all have our “things” that we get to work through in our lives. I’m happy I was reminded of those walls I carry around with me, at a time when I value gentleness over judgement.

May I all be more open, more real, and more “me” in all moments. May we all.

Hugs and love to you all!! <3

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