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The balancing act.


Oh man, I am loving this new semester. I made another change in my schedule and it is glorious!

I continually struggle, like most mums, with finding that “balance.” The balance between work and family. Between time for myself and time for everything else. Between “not having enough time” and “having too much time” (or the illusion that you do).

With work and household items, if I think I have time, I procrastinate like crazy, and never get anything done. But if I’m too busy, I get easily stressed out – and surprise! – don’t get things done.

Since I had Pookie, I’ve changed up my work schedule almost every semester to find a better balance. What I need and what my heart calls for, changes often.

When Pookie was about 18 months, I felt a pull to spend more time with her. I pulled back on some of my teaching. Then there came a time when I really needed more time for myself. Not working, not doing the mother thing.

Just time to be. To be me.

amy in woods

Last term I packed all my work into 3 days including my university teaching, private studio teaching, and online business work (which rarely happened). I had two full days off during the week with Pookie, which I loved. That was enough time for both of us. At the end of that second day, we both were ready to see some other people. 🙂

However, I still needed more time for myself and my business.

My online business really stalled after I entered parenthood and I just felt like I didn’t know what to do anymore. It was too big of a task, so stuff never happened.

This term, my university numbers went down a bit due to students student-teaching, so I was miraculously able to fit all my university and private studio teaching into 2 days. I now have one full day where Pookie is at school and I don’t have to be teaching.

Hells yeah!!

The whole day, to myself, to work on whatever I want to work on. *happy dance*

I’ve been having misc appointments first thing in the morning and then I have the whole day to organize myself and work on my business goals.

It’s spectacular!

For right now, it feels like the perfect balance. Enough time with Pookie, enough time teaching, and some time for myself and my biz.

I’ve already made some huge strides in my business including actual PLANS and actionable steps to IMPLEMENT things. I have TIME to create things and time to WORK THROUGH doubt and not giving up.

I’ll write a post soon about all the dreams I have and what I’m working on, but for now, I’m sitting here, enjoying this schedule while it lasts.

I’m also thinking about my goals and since it’s a new month. Perfect time to revisit them!

February Goals 2016

  • Go to yoga class 2x a week
  • Continue upping veggies and reducing sugar in my diet
  • TRUST. Especially needed as we put our residency program rank-list together and submit it!
  • Simplify. I’m choosing just a few extra things to fit into my life, and putting the others on the back burner.
      • Meditation
      • Practicing Spanish going to wait on this one for now
      • Reading books – choosing just one. I’m still working through Gabby Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles
      • Learning to draw it’s a nice idea, but it’s too much to add in right now
  • Do a fun activity with Pookie one of the mornings we are together
  • Be more aware and present.

So that’s where things are at. Here’s to a brand new month! Happy February! 🙂

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