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We’re ready to go.

First, let’s just address the elephant and the donkey in the room. Today is going to challenge all of our blood pressure levels. We have survived this ridiculous presidental campaign, we’ve cast our votes, and now we wait for the cards to fall. The media will make it as dramatic as possible and no matter the outcome, there will continue to be drama for the forseeable future.

Whatever happens tonight, my biggest hope is that we can find a way to start coming back together again and start healing our wounds. We all have to live with each other, so we might as well figure out a way to make it work!

Alright, now we can talk about some fun things!! Like how my due date is in two days!


We have everything setup and ready for Roberta Jr. – as best as it can be! We’ve also reached a finishing point for our household organization and decoration for awhile. I posted a few initial pictures of our cozy apartment back in July and now I’m ready to share the progress we’ve made!

Baby’s bed is up! We will use the Pack ‘n Play until the baby is around a year old and then we’ll transition her to a floor bed. No crib for us and we love it! Read my post about that topic here!

Pookie has started practicing for Roberta Jr. by putting her doll and stuffed animals in diapers and laying them down for naps in the bed. She periodically checks on them to change their diapers, and she also lets me know if they’re sleeping and if we should be quiet. It’s pretty freakin’ adorable. I hope she’s this interested when Roberta arrives!!

Baby's bed

This is one side of our bedroom. We are making the most of the space we have! It’s tight, but functional. We have our bags all packed and the car seat ready. It’s so close!!

Bags packed

Sorry friends, but this is all of our room that you get to see! The other side is, well, a disaster. A work in progress. It’s our dressers plus a corner desk. Imagine piles of stuff that still needs to be sorted and stored…somewhere.

The good news is that I finally found a comforter for our bed!! I’ve been looking for months. One day I was strolling through Ross and this gem caught my eye. Elephants!!! Now we just need to put up decoration over the bed. I’d like to put up a collage of our travel pictures. A project for another time.


Pookie’s room has really come together. We put up some wall hangings and our friend actually passed down to us her daughter’s outgrown comforter. It fits our color scheme exactly!

Pookie bed

This is the other side of Pookie’s room. The piano needed a home and this is the only place it would fit. We try our best to not treat it like a piece of furniture. I still have the Pookie picture collage from my Columbus medwife friends but haven’t mounted it on the wall yet!

Pookie room

Pookie’s room will eventually be both girls’ room. We’ll see how Roberta Jr. sleeps and hopefully we can transition her into Pookie’s room when she’s around six months old. Where exactly the pack ‘n play will go is still in question. We’ll figure it out!!

I’m most excited about our dining room! I have looked for months for the perfect piece to hang over the island. Nothing quite fit, until I found this beauty. I love it so much and think it adds such great character to the space!

Dining room

And finally, our living room! We’ve done our best to make the most of the space while artfully storing all of our stuff. I’m really happy with how it’s turned out!!

That big red ball is my current “chair.” It’s great for pregnancy – and labor!

The patio is finally cleared, and it stores just a few of Pookie’s bigger outside toys like her scooter and buggie. Eventually I’d like to get a small patio set so we can enjoy sitting outside!

Living room

So that’s it! A few more things to do, but we’ve done a lot and have made it livable while being as organized and tidy as possible.

Now we wait for Roberta Jr. to arrive! I’ll do a post once she gets here.

Btw, we’re not actually naming her Roberta Jr. It’s the online nickname we’ve come up with for her. I don’t share my children’s real names on the blog, so Roberta Jr. will be around for awhile!

Good luck surviving the craziness tonight! Have a glass of wine for me! 😀

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