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Wrapping Up

This past week was one of those weeks where you wonder how you’re gonna survive it. I’m cool with moving, but the actual sorting, packing, and loading of our stuff into a transport device made me want to bang my head against a wall.

After all the graduation celebrations, we launched ourselves into serious packing mode. We had a week to get it done, which seemed like plenty of time. Au contraire, my friend. A week was barely enough for us!

Oh man, it was such a long week. We woke up each morning to packing, packing, and more packing. We packed all day, packed until we couldn’t pack anymore, then went to bed, and woke up again to do the same thing. It was some serious Groundhog Day craziness.

Everyday of last week started pretty strong, but by the end of the day we felt a bit defeated and felt like progress was going too slow. We were pretty astonished by how long it took this time. Perhaps it’s that we have Pookie now, so we’re packing for an extra person, or that we had a garage and basement we could store crap in. More crap, more to pack or dispose of. Either way, it felt like it took forever.

We decided to use a company called U-pack (aka ABF) this time. We’ve been really happy with them so far! They dropped off a trailer on Wednesday for us to pack ourselves (kinda like a pod) and we planned for them to pick it up on Friday. Once the trailer was sitting in the driveway, we really started to feel the panic set in!!

Upack Trailer

We also hired a couple movers to come on Thursday to do the bulk of the loading into the trailer. We used American Moving and it went great. They were efficient and packed the trailer well. Plus their humor made our long, arduous day a little lighter.

Pookie actually had a pretty great time while we packed. She colored on the boxes, ran around the empty rooms enjoying the echo of her screams, walked up and down the loading ramp, and found lots of new things to play with. She’s such a goof-ball!

Pookie helping pack

We had plans to pack and load all of our stuff by Thursday, so we could head to Pittsburgh on Friday to spend one more weekend with some good friends before we headed out west. We wanted everything packed and ready when the movers arrived. That totally didn’t happen. We had most of it, but we kept forgetting about small things here and there and some boxes of memorabilia in the basement.

After the movers left, we felt better, but we realized that going to Pittsburgh the next day was not happening. Sadly, we had to push our trip back to Saturday, but on the bright side, we DID get the trailer loaded and we were able to go!


Rob finished packing the trailer around 8:00pm on Friday evening and then we spent Saturday morning organizing items at the house and packing for our trip. We left with a lot left to do at the house, but at least the hardest part is done. The trailer was picked up on Monday and we’ll see it in a few weeks when we arrive in Galveston. Woot-woot!

Another bright moment from last week was a little “going away social hour” we had at a local brew house called Zauber in Columbus. We wanted to try to see our friends one more time before we all headed our separate ways. It ended up being absolutely perfect. Zauber has an awesome atmosphere and we loved the setup of the tables. It was very easy for people to walk around and come and go. The brews and food were also scrumptious!

We felt strapped for time with all the packing to be done, but meeting up with our friends for a few hours out of the house, was exactly what we needed. We were able to step away, relax for a bit, and get a boost of energy before heading back to work. It was hard to say goodbye to our friends but I hope we’ll get to see each other again soon before too much time passes.

Zauber Going Away Party

As for our Pittsburgh trip, it was awesome!! We had such a great time and Pookie had a blast playing with our friends’ son who is about 15 months.

Now it’s back to Columbus to finish things out. Errands galore and cleaning the house. The end is in sight. We’ll go to our friend’s wedding this coming weekend, and then we’ll start our drive out to Texas for many more adventures to come!! 😀

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