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Writing and Publishing Things!

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So guys, the next stage of my life is taking shape. I had a closing ceremony last weekend to officially release what’s been weighing me down, I’m aligning with my priorities and spending my time in the ways I have hoped to.

Rob’s first rotation has been going well. We’re still able to see him here and there, and it’s quite refreshing to all be on the same page about what we’re expecting from each other.

Pookie has the month of August off from preschool, so we’ve been getting lots of mommy-daughter time together. I’ve really been enjoying the easy feel of the mornings with no rush to get out the door. Pookie has also become a lot more comfortable in our new space. She’ll spend hours making up her own play and rediscovering all her toys. We’ll do an outing once a day or every other day. We’re discovering fun places on the island and making friends.

Things feel easy and relaxed. Just what I need right now!

Matching Aprons

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rainbows and sparkles every day. Some days Pookie and I get frustrated with each other, and I lament the fact that I can’t down a glass of wine after she goes to bed. Pregnancy, ya know? But all-in-all, things are good. Really good.

The other activity I’m putting my energy into right now is writing and putting my ideas out there; sharing what I feel called to share in this new way. That’s why I’m continuing this blog. I’m also working on a couple other small projects.

My first project, which some of you already know about from facebook, is a monthly column on Student Doctor Network called “The Medical Spouse Survival Guide.” I will write one article per month devoted to issues that medical spouses face. My first article is up and you can check it out here!

Getting this gig has been pretty significant for me. I have always loved writing, but never thought I was “good enough” to be a writer. The things we tell ourselves!! I decided it was time to get rid of all the self-imposed limitations I had put on myself and just try.

“I think I was afraid of failing, so I would make excuses to not try.”

My excuses for writing have been numerous. I knew I could weave ideas together and explain things clearly, however, I always focused on things like: not having an extensive vocabulary or being a good speller; not knowing or using proper grammar; making little mistakes and typos that even after numerous edits, still find their way into a post or draft; and often flipping words around or writing one word when thinking of a different word.

But so what? These are all things I can work through. And I’ve decided that I will. I’m excited about the possibilities that can arise now that I’ve removed this perceived obstacle!

My second project is actually a book!! Squee!!! I plan to self-publish it as an e-book, with maybe a few limited hard copies, by next year. This book is a collaboration with a few close and trust friends who are helping me bring an idea to life.

I proposed the idea for the book to a friend who is a writer and was knowledgable about the subject matter. She wrote a beautiful story and I’ve been serving as the “creative editor.” I proposed the idea, am managing the project, have edited and helped shape the story, and will be the one to get the word out about it.

So what is this story about? Well, it’s a children’s story about the folklore of Easter. Random? Yes. But let me explain:

Once I had Pookie, I realized that Rob and I were now going to be the ones in charge of shaping and celebrating holidays with her, and following customs or making our own. One holiday that has always perplexed me is Easter. I could never find a good explanation for the whole secular part of the holiday (i.e. Easter bunny, colored eggs, hunting for eggs, etc.).

I am not the type of person that does things “just because that’s how it’s done” and that became a problem once Pookie’s first Easter arrived. I had a lot of questions. Do I do an Easter basket and egg hunt? Why? I know that’s what we do, but why? What do I tell her? What do I say about the Easter Bunny??

I personally needed something I could connect to and also that I could explain to Pookie as she gets older.


For her Easters so far, I’ve done the traditions with her anyway, despite not having an explanation, because they are fun. I liked taking Pookie to the Easter egg hunts and being part of the community. I also liked doing something special and “magical” for her. But I have still been unsatisfied. I want to be able to tell her a reason – to tell myself a reason.

I lamented about this to my friend and she told me a wonderful old folklore story that relates to these traditions that was both fun and intriguing.

That story gave me a reason beyond “just because” to continue celebrating the secular traditions of Easter. I talked to my friend a few months later and asked her if she’d be willing to write the story down. Then, voila!, I had the idea for this book.

I am really excited about it because I think it gives a fresh perspective and is a fun story for parents to share with their children. The story is already completed and I’m currently working on the illustrations with another good friend.

My big hope has been to have it available by February, so people could have it by Easter 2017. Of course, I didn’t anticipate getting pregnant so quickly this time, so I’m working to figure out how to still get this book together while having a new baby!

I will keep you all updated on the progress and will give you little sneak peaks along the way. If this book is received well, I’m hoping to collaborate on some more holiday traditions and stories with my friends to make a holiday folklore series of sorts. Exciting stuff!!

You guys are awesome and are such great supports to me. I am so grateful!! I will leave you with this parting thought:

Is there something that you’d like to do but have made excuses about for too long? Can you identify any self-imposed limitations that you can dissolve so you can fulfill a dream or desire?

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  • diana August 16, 2016, 9:16 am

    You inspire me, dear Amy, to pursue my dreams!

    • Amy Rakowczyk August 16, 2016, 9:57 pm

      You can do it!! I have this magnet on my fridge that says, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” It’s a good reminder to stay true to ourselves and our callings, despite all the fear and noise! Love you and miss you!

  • Noble August 25, 2016, 11:21 am

    Let me know if you’re ever interested in guest posts/interviews for your column. You know a whole cadre of Medwives who would back-up your sage advice!

    • Amy Rakowczyk August 28, 2016, 3:04 pm

      Will do! 😀

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