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Yellow Springs

all of us

Ah, 4th year, how I love thee. I can’t believe it, but we actually got to spend an entire Saturday exploring something new in Ohio, and were able to shake the feeling of impending doom just long enough to really relax. It was by far one of my favorite days I’ve had in Columbus.

Our little fam went with two of our friends to a nearby town called Yellow Springs. It’s a pretty laid-back town that’s a paradise for yogis and alternative medicine fans. We naturally felt right at home. 🙂

We went to visit the city itself and experience the annual Yellow Springs Street and Beer Fest. We spent hours wandering around viewing the various craft booths, ate some tasty food, and tried some Yellow Springs Brewery Beer (delish!).


Pookie even had a great time, sleeping the whole hour drive on the way there and sleeping for about two hours in the stroller. That has never happened. She enjoyed wandering around, jumping off sidewalks, and pushing the stroller.

Pookie up

There was a little kid area in the Beer Fest where Pookie happily played with the provided toys, spending most of her time sitting on an inflatable hippo while blowing bubbles.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we felt for a moment that we could actually stop, relax, and enjoy. Nothing to do. Nowhere to be. Ah…

yellow springs

On the flip side of things, there was one sad incident that happened while we were there that really shook me. I’m still trying to get the scene out of my head.

I was standing in line at a coffee shop and heard a loud thud. I (as well as everyone else in line) quickly looked behind us to see a small infant (3-4 months old) had somehow fallen off the bench onto the floor. There was a little step before the floor, so I saw the baby bounce of the step and fall again onto the actual floor.

We all, and well as the mother, gasped in horror. She swept him up, he began to scream, and she pulled him into her chest with the closest embrace possible.

As a human, that was hard to witness, but as a mother, it was almost unbearable. My heart sank and I had to hold back tears.

I wanted to hug the baby too, to comfort it and make sure it was ok. But I also wanted to hug the mom. Mistakes happen – we all make them – and we just hope that the mistake under our watch is not too damaging.

I can only imagine what that poor mom felt as she internally questioned herself, felt the pain and concern for her son, and had an audience of about 20 people to witness it. The whole thing was just so sad.

All I felt I could do was to give her a reassuring nod saying, “I know. This is beyond horrible and so painful, but you are a good mom and are doing your best. Accidents happen. We’re on your side.”


So, with all that being said, today I’m thankful for the moments of tranquility when life slows down and you can enjoy just being present on a beautiful day, with great food, and awesome company.

I’m also sending love to all the mothers out there. We all make mistakes. You’re not alone. Let’s support each other through this crazy journey of motherhood with all it’s beautiful moments and the moments where the weight of the responsibility can overwhelm us.


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